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Jul. 13th, 2010 @ 04:04 am A (Rare) Good Day
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Fun things at the end of a good day, to help me stop thinking about med school.

Ten Things I Miss...
10. My siblings (being home this summer makes me miss them less, hence the #10 ranking).
9. Prom and homecoming dress shopping.
8. Graduation parties.
7. My stuffed animals.
6. Watching Saturday morning cartoons (the good ones, not all this new crap).
5. Cable. Going through Glee, Sci-fi and Supernatural withdrawals.
4. Seeing all my friends all at once.
3. Recess and snack time.
2. My Bogie peoples.
1. Cracking inside jokes with people I don't get to talk to anymore.

Nine Things I Hate...
9. Sucky dial-up internet
8. My inability to stop biting my nails (I know, I know, I’m working on it).
7. Jeans not made for curvy women
6. Watered down milk (my parents used to add water to it to make it “stretch”)
5. The word “stretch”.
4. Reality television shows (not all, but about 95% of them).
3. MyUCF.
2. The security at my old high school, keeping me from visiting my favorite teachers.
1. The sparkly vampire phenomenon.

Eight Things I Love...
8. Peanut Butter M&Ms, Reese’s, and Red Hots.
7. Chinese food.
6. Science fiction books and television (Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, Stargate, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Harry Potter, the list goes on and on).
5. Glee, Supernatural, Firefly, and Ugly Betty.
4. Not having to study for the IB exams ever again.
3. Hearing from old friends.
2. My family and my Miami family.
1. Dance.

Seven Things I Remember the Most...
7. Goldfever rehearsals.
6. Three Musketeers’ hangouts.
5. Parties at Jessica Silva’s house (and other places).
4. Homecoming and Prom
3. Girls’ nights with Jenn and Pearl.
2. Great Ex Summer Camp.
1. My first boyfriend.

Six Things I Want to Do Eventually...
6. Get a tattoo.
5. Travel to Europe (specifically, Italy and Greece)
4. Go see a Broadway show.
3. Comic Con! Supernatural Con! Glee Con! (All right, I made up the last one.)
2. Dance team.
1. Be referred to as Dr. Pugh.

Five Songs I Can Hear Over and Over and Over and Over.... You Get the Point...
5. Cherry Pie-Warrant
4. “In The Heights”-In The Heights Cast Recording
3. “Dream On”-Aerosmith
2. “We Started This Opera Shhh!”-Repo The Genetic Opera Soundtrack
1. “Hey, Soul Sister”-Train

Four Words That Describe Me...
4. Caring (I try, I really do).
3. Loyal (Unless you do something unforgivable)
2. Critical (of myself and how people perceive me)
1. Driven (If I want something, I’m getting it.)

Three Things I Want to Change...
3. Myself. (I'm a work in progress. :-P)
2. My GPA *meekily eyes med school*
1. My cultural awareness. (Hence the Anthropology major)

Two People I Want In My Wedding
2. My sister (She is my best friend. :))
1. My girls and my boy (They know who they are!).

One thing I want...
1. One thing? Please, this is me: (not in any order) To be a doctor, to embrace my inner geek, to keep my friends, to be a decent Christian, to stay open-minded, to accept and stand behind my decisions, to be loyal and loving, to stay focused, to be driven, to have a family, and to finally figure out what being myself is.
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